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Auxiliary Equipment for Evaporative Tanks

THE AirScrubber™ (Mesh Pad)  OPTION

POLY PRODUCTS INC offers an optional AirScrubber™ (Mesh Pad)  to reduce the already minimal air emissions from the Poly Products EVAPORATIVE TANK™ by an additional 98%.  The AirScrubber™ (Mesh Pad)  consists of a 2” thick, knitted, polyethylene mesh pad with a spray wash-down system.  The spray wash uses about 4 gallons of water per cleaning.

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Poly Products Corro-FanPoly Products Corro-Fan™

Poly Products is proud to introduce the Poly Products Corro-Fan™Poly Products has used this fan most commonly as the air mover of the Companion Condenser™., but it has found its own place as a premier in line Tube Axial Fan for any application where corrosive air needs to be moved.

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Poly Products Corro-Ducts

Introducing the line of Poly Products Corro-Ducts™ CORROSION RESISTANT DUCTING. This ducting is chemically Robust; made from virgin molded polyethylene. These Corro-Ducts are molded as one piece with NO SEAMS of any kind. Each Corro-Duct™ has a “Slip Fit” end so that it will easily slide into the adjacent matting Corro-Duct™.

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ET miniMini Evaporator Series

These systems are more compact. The smaller versions are ideal for small spaces, or for small runs. They have the same closed loop capacity ideally suited for dewatering spent solutions or wastewater that may have a high solids content. The MINI series is a more compact version and does not include platform and stand.



Evalporative Tank CompanionET-Companion ™ Condenser

When installed with the Poly Products EVAPORATIVE TANK™, the ET-Companion Condenser ™ removes water from the evaporator's air exhaust and returns it in the form of distilled water for reuse. The dry air is returned to the Poly Products EVAPORATIVE TANK™ to work again.

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Heated Tank with gas fire tube

Tank TubeThe Poly Products Evaporator System evaporates water from process solutions and waste waters under atmospheric conditions. The highest evaporation rate can be achieved by heating the solution prior to pumping it into the evaporator.

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Optional Accessories for Heated Tanks:

  • TankET-Companion ™ Condenser for recovery of the evaporated water for reuse
  • Insulating the heated tank
  • Filter press for continual solids removal
  • Storage tanks
  • Pump stations
  • Cooling tower for ET-Companion ™ Condenser cooling water
  • Above dimensions can be altered to fit special installation requirements
  • Control panel for heated tank system

PressFilter Press

A filter press is used anywhere there is a need to separate heavy solids from a liquid. Most times the slurry will be pumped from the bottom of a clarifier cone or a sludge thickening tank into a filter press. The end result of the particulate accumulated from a filter press becomes a filter cake. Filter press with polypro plates for solids removal ranging from .5-100 cubic feet capacity.

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Other Replacement Parts

Mesh Inlet and
S to R Addaptor
Replacement Nozzles
for ET-III-W