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Evaporative Tank

ET-III-W Evaporative Tank™
U.S. Patent No. 4790904
Evaporative Tank Series
Dimensional Drawing

The Poly Products Evaporative Tank is available in two models, the ET-II-W and the ET-III-W.  Each of these are ideally suited for dewatering spent solutions or wastewater that may have a high solids content. The evaporation mechanism eliminates any small, entrapping passages. Up AND down-draft spraying at very high flow rates produces high evaporation at moderate temperatures.

Those looking for the greatest evaporation rates at a given temperature will choose the Evaporative Tank-III-W for its high efficiency for any application.

A specialty use for the Evaporative Tank-III-W is the dewatering of decorative and hard chrome. The Evaporative Tank-III-W can be used directly on the plating tank to remove rinse spray water and fume scrubber water.

Dewatering of waste solutions (cutting oils, printing ink & paint washwater, spent chemical solutions, parts cleaning, DI & RO regeneration waste, air scrubber waste, air compressor condensation, ink and dyes) save the users of Evaporative Tank-III-W evaporators thousands of dollars in disposal costs. Where the need is for only 3 to 4 gallons of evaporation per hour, no added heat is required. Heat for evaporation is taken from the room.

See the Evaporative Tank Companion - a condenser that dries the air and separates the water, to be reused in the process.

Applications and uses:

  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Industrial Evaporation
  • Chemical Evaporation
  • Oily Water Evaporation
  • Plating
  • Aggresive Solutions

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  • Let’s start at the beginning. The ET-III-W™ evaporator has become the choice evaporator for nearly every application throughout America and around the world.